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Solar for Custom Homes


Solar Canopy in New Construction

We work with the best new-home builders in Bakersfield to incorporate solar systems for maximum efficiency and aesthetics. If you’re considering building, start here:

John Balfanz Homes

Lenox Homes

Sweaney Custom Homes
Jason Wattenbarger Construction

Brian Rice

And if you’re considering building new, why not? Solar system rebates for integrated new construction still make a significant impact to reduce construction costs. With the changing landscape of government incentives, start new and guarantee your best rebate for eighteen full months.

Solar for Existing Homes

Adding a solar system to existing construction can be a tricky proposition. Achieving high-efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics is a must. When you’re ready to reduce your power bill and increase your home’s value, call the company with the expertise to do it right.

Make your home a PowerHouse!


Solar for New Homes


PowerHouse is a PG&E New Solar Homes Partner-Provider. Integrating solar into your new home’s construction will secure up to twice the rebates of a retrofit project, as well as a thirty percent Federal tax credit for SRCC-approved systems. When you count the thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs over the life of your solar system, it makes sense to include solar in your plans.


New Solar Homes in Roseville California

Solar Products

At PowerHouse, we surround ourselves with only the most reputable companies, offering the highest quality, longest warrantied equipment available. Unlike some competitors, we don’t try to increase our profit by sticking you with inferior products.

Click the picture below to learn about the brands we use.