PowerHouse is the one and only company with a Patent Pending Automatic Solar-Cleaning System.
PV Rain

For a solar system to operate at optimum levels, the panels must remain clean. But for safety’s sake, water and rooftops don’t mix. Until now, a homeowner’s only option has been paying a service company to maintain them.

PV Rain is a fully-automated, high pressure softened water cleaning system that will keep your panels debris free and operating at peak efficiency.


SCHÜCO – The SMAU-1 series of Schüco PV modules are distinguished by monocrystalline solar cells with a cell efficiency of up to 16.8 % for high outputs per square metre of module area. The output tolerance of an SMAU-1 module is +3 / -3 %, only modules of the highest quality provide this level of reliability.


SHARP – Our most powerful residential module
manufactured today, the NU -U230F3 blends high performance with advanced solar aesthetics. Black backsheet and sleek black frame create a modern silhouette on nearly any roof. Using breakthrough technology, made possible by nearly 50 years of proprietary research and development, this module incorporates an advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency. Flexible enough to permit installation on nearly any kind of roof, the 230 watt module is the newest innovation in Sharp’s residential product offerings.

MITSUBISHI – The new ES-A Series feature high quality String Ribbon™ solar panels made with the latest generation of our revolutionary wafer technology. No other solar panels combine exceptional performance and industry-leading environmental credentials with the ability to be installed on virtually any roof in almost any climate. To know more click here…


SANYO – Obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. Save money using fewer system attachments and racking materials, and reduce costs by spending less time installing per watt. Sanyo panels are ideal for grid-connected solar systems, areas with performance based incentives, and renewable energy credits.


FRONIUS – Fronius USA has unveiled their latest product line of grid-connected PV inverters, the IG Plus. The latest generation inverter is designed to give maximum energy harvest from every ray of sunlight, and is compatible with all module configurations.


SMA – SMA’s US series inverters utilize our proven technology and are designed specifically to meet IEEE-1547 requirements. Increased efficiency means better performance and shorter payback periods. All four models are field configurable for positive ground systems making them more versatile than ever. Throughout the world, SMA is the benchmark for PV inverter performance and reliability.


ENPHASE – Enphase energy products dramatically improve the performance of solar power systems. Using Enphase Micro-inverters, owners and operators can increase the productivity and reliability of each solar module, have complete visibility of each module’s performance, and reduce the operational expenses associated with large, centralized inverters.