About Jake



jake_bio Powerhouse Systems Inc. was developed by ranch raised, city educated novelist, educator, KCSD Reserve deputy sheriff, energy contractor, inventor and entrepreneur Jake Thoene. Jake has the practical and professional experience to execute the day-to-day operations nine years of professional background in the Photovoltaic solar and energy efficiency contracting industry.

Jake possesses functional and intimate experience in many fields of general contracting including plumbing, electrical and solar along with others all gleaned from his successful start-up construction company, Powerhouse Systems. Jake is a creatively minded entrepreneur having written and published 14 novels, graduated from AIU London Film School, La Verne University’s California Teachers Program, and the Kern County Sheriff Department POST Academy among other noteworthy achievements.

From his garage with only his credit card, Jake has grown Powerhouse Systems, from a small solar installation company, into a multi-million dollar per year utility scale construction operation. With a broad practical, educated and creative background, Jake has developed innovative energy alternatives applicable for every home and business; One in particular, a fully automated system that is specifically designed for the cleaning of solar panels. This patent-pending design is the first of its kind. So new and revolutionary in fact that even the US Trademark Commission had to create a new category in order to properly identify and register the function of PV Rain™.

Powerhouse Systems is currently in development of Feed-in Tariff projects in Hawaii, New Jersey and Florida, and can install 100kW’s per week with Powerhouse’s Innovative new methods. Combined with Jake’s unsurpassed commitment to quality and affordability, as well as standard 20 year Commercial & 25 year residential warranties, Powerhouse System has become a leader in the solar industry.